Hello everybody,

After receiving calls over and over asking me about serving,being my cleaner, chauffeur etc I realized that it’s time I will give you the opportunity to be that one.

The one that submits, that will build a connection with me, trust one another, support one another, letting yourself being molded by Me.

So far since I have posted the VACANCY page on my website I seem to have not been clear enough for some, so here it goes: 

  1. 1. Regardless of your experience, novices are Very welcome to apply.
  2. 2.If you cannot afford at least the 50£ interview Amazon GC then don’t even think trying to apply, I find that cheeky and eluding the requirements stated
  3. 3.If you have any questions just email me at: mistress_sandrauk@yahoo.co.uk  
  4. 4.Don’t call or text or whats app prior to the initial contact, you can after I’ve agreed on the interview.
  5. 5.If you submitted the from i haven’t got back to you that means I am BUSY, have patience Or you have Not successfully passed.


Hope I’ve made myself perfectly clear and you may continue and fin out more information by applying HERE



Good luck,

Mistress Sandra.